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OPA Snow Slimming Foam (100g)


It's Not Gel. It's Not Cream. It's Foam!
Enjoy The Changes In 7 Days!


  • Specialized
    OPA Snow is the only slimming product in the world to replace vigorous exercises or activities for slimming purposes. It penetrates through your skin, increases thermal effeciency and most importantly burns away body fat effectively.

  • High Efficiency
    OPA Snow successfully increases fay burn on stubborn areas. Collapsing, unwanted fatty structures for an admirably smooth and beautiful outcome.

  • Comprehensive Results

  • 4 in 1 sliming package:
  • Health Slimming
  • Shapely Physique
  • Anti-Wrinkle
  • Locks Skin Moisture

    OPA Snow solves stubborn and fat prone areas, loose saggy skin, orange peels and dry skin conditions.
  • Safe
    OPA Snow embraces quality and natural ingredients to produce the unique slimming effect of a hot internal burning sensation after application. Yet feeling cold and refreshing externally. Suitable for all skin types.

360° Comprehensive Double Attack Fat Burn + Beautiful Skin Therapy

  • Slender Arms
    OPA Snow tackles embarrassing flabby arms in exchange for slender arms and touchable skin.

  • Flat Abdomen
    OPA Snow Counters extra abdomen fat producing a renewed, smooth and flat outcome. Assisting you to a smaller slimmer waistline.

  • Small Hips
    OPA Snow battles body fats around the hips producing the attractive and irresistible S Curve Body Shape.

  • Shapely Legs
    OPA Snow targets for a pair of shapelier model-like legs, aiming for all skirts and pants parading an alluring glamour of posture and beauty.


  • Capacity: 100g


  1. Spray Snowball onto skin and await the exciting experience from our fat busters!
  2. Digging through the skin, green coffee beans, imatinib leaf extract and other natural comrades fight their way through the skin layers, increasing skin metabolism rate!
  3. Now with all the natural comrades arrived at the enemy base beneath the skin, a hot sensation can be felt deep inside as they fight and break fatty cell apart, without affecting the skin temperature on the surface.
  4. In two hours, OPA Snow successfully decomposes fatty oils and recreates a new metabolic system, leaving you cleaner intestinally, flatter and slimmer externally!

Fit Person:

  • The Trendy and Fashionable
    No diet! No Exercise! OPA Snow easily burns the fats of trendy and fashionable people all in a can/bottle. Simply pop OPA Snow into your bag anywhere you go and enjoy the journey towards a slender body!

  • Working Class
    OPA Snow ultimately well for working class people who gained weight enduring various stress loads and chaotic lofestyles. This will rebuild your confidence in your working life!

  • Post-partum Mothers
    Mothers would love this product! OPA Snow eliminates orange peel and promotes health for both mother and child, Diminshing unwanted residues from the mother's body.

  • Middle-Age Weight Gain
    It is a natural part of life affecting most people during their middle ages in fear of gaining weight on unwanted places, dawning the chances of increased adverse effects towards their health.
    OPA Snow is a high quality product offering great slimming efficacy to serve health conscious people.

OPA Snow Slimming Foam (105ml)